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I am flattered to have caught your attention.


You may consider me as your enigmatic “exotic model”-type city girl. I am that Exotic Lady you always wanted to have as your companion.

I would describe myself as a confident and a sincere person with some reasonable expectations in life. I am very sensual and I idolize a passionate mental & physical intimacy.

I am laid back, sometimes goofy, annoyingly positive yet straight-forward and passionate.

At first I was fascinated by this industry as a way to explore my sensuality. However after working in the industry for several years, I have been admiring some of my wonderful suitors; their ability to connect and exploring various dimensions of human sensuality with me. The simple ability to laugh so freely and sharing our passions for life, is indeed invigorating. I prefer to establish a lasting friendship with a true gentleman where we can form a deeper connection and have some mutually enjoyable experiences.


So I invite you to escape from your everyday reality & indulge in an effortless sensual fantasy with an unique Trans-woman, who is full of life, full of love and always there to make you laugh out loud.



I am a proud male to female pre-op transgender woman. My lifestyle is simple and I pay close attention to my health. I have officially adopted womanhood at the age 19. Through many trials and errors I have arrived at this point in my life, yet I am still gradually evolving to be a better human being. It is truly liberating to feel comfortable within oneself and living life to the fullest.


Being extremely logical, I would like to think I am very candid and straightforward with my ideas. Simultaneously, being a deeply spiritual person, I am soft-spoken by nature with a grounded energy.   


I am in my early thirties, yet my life experiences have made me an old soul beyond my years. 

I have been extremely feminine by birth, which made my earlier days a bit difficult however it has made my transformation journey to womanhood a lot easier.

I haven’t had any plastic surgery yet. I believe in wellness and mindfulness, so naturally I take care of my slim 5’9” body as a temple. I am on a modern hormonal therapy which allows me to have natural breasts and full bubble butt. I still have the gen*talia assigned at birth and I am completely comfortable with it.


Gender:  Transsexual (Pre-Op)

Ethnicity: Mixed Latina

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'9" 

Bust: 34A

Waist: 26"

Hips: 38"

Weight: 128 lbs

Interested in : Men and Couples

Affil: Independent

Tattoos: None

Piercing: Ears

Pet: None

Smoker: Socially

Alcohol: Socially

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