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With me you will discover a genuine effortless experience, one where we can briefly forget about the stresses of the world and partake in some good old fun time. 

I prefer responsible gentlemen to whom I offer a genuine love affair, without any expectations nor future commitments. Our arrangements will not involve any complications, drama or expectations. Just a passionate time spent together between two human beings. 

Having successfully entertained countless dates over the years, I have finally realized that I am natural in the world of “Girl Friend Experiences”, because of my inherent romantic nature.

Meet and Greet Date : 

This is a sort-term companionship for about one or two hours. 

This experience is for those who don’t have a lot of time in hand and looking for a short term date. Whether it’s a two hours date or longer, it will be passionate and romantic.  We can start our date with a nice glass of fine wine, order in if you are hungry and put on some good old classic music.

You may be having a long day or a long week, so you deserve to relax and explore each other’s passions for life.

Lunch or Dinner Date:

This could be between three or five hours date. I absolutely adore Dinner dates. This is the most common date I usually get asked to go to. It is my professional recommendation that a dinner date seems to give my suitors a complete experience. It is just right amount of time. 


If this would be your first time visiting Toronto from any part of the world, or if you are from out of town, then you are in for a real treat. Rain or shine, hot or cold, Torontonians are very creative and we know how to have fun, even when the weather doesn’t permit.


A true advanced cosmopolitan city, Toronto offers many experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s a museum dedicated to shoes or a walk on the edge of the CN Tower; you will find an abundance of vibrant nightlife, stunning architectures, great museums, galleries & theatres, music concerts, wonderful vintage stores, luxury shops and most diverse cuisines from around the world. Handsome gentleman feels proud to have me in his arm wherever he goes and our energetic charm would make us the best couple of that place.




This is for those who are looking for a longer date to have a high level of sensual experiences. This date is not for everybody. This is stickily for those who are my regulars and are very comfortable with romance.

I am always ready to escort generous gentlemen to their events and trips. I love meeting new people; some of them have become good friends over time.


Think of the feeling of the falling in love all over again without the added pressure. During this time together, we would be staying just like any other couple, doing things that couples usually do. We enjoy the day with romantic getaways, quite sunset picnics on a nice warm day, cooking together some comfort foods on a cold winter night, exploring our passions at the beach or in front of the fire place with some great music. We can even get a little drunk than usual without worrying about going to work the next day. The point is to be able to live in the moment with an unique girl who is full of life, full of love and always there to make you laugh out loud. We can plan the trip together according to our preferences. I prefer to establish a long lasting relationship with a true gentleman where we can form a deeper connection and have some mutually enjoyable experiences in my wonderful city. 


NOTE:  I would not be able to do this date if we haven’t met a few times beforehand. I recommend that we meet for a few short term dates first, to assess our compatibility. 


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