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Q. What is your screening process?


A. Two References reputable Independent Providers.

This is a first and one time, no exception screening process for first time dates.

I require two references from two Reputable Independent Providers (any gender) you have seen within the last 12 months.

The independent provider has to have a strong online presence with twitter and a website. I will need the name and contact information (website or email). I will not accept references from providers you have seen more than 12 months ago. 


Please allow me  48 hours for the screening process,

since it takes time for the other providers to reply back. 

Q. Why do you have screening process for your first time dates?


A. My Safety as a transgender woman:

Due to trans-phobia and assault against trans-women, the screening process is extremely necessary for me to make sure only:

  1. If we are a good fit for a date, 

  2. If you are safe & respectable,

  3. If your referred provides will go out on a date with you again.

I am extremely discreet and I value our safety & security. So naturally I do screen my first time date. 

Q. What do I do if I don’t have References?

I personally prefer references from reputable providers, however you can certainly provide your valid ID card info, as an alternative to references. 

A very clear picture (a selfie picture) of yourself, holding one of your government issued valid Photo ID cards will be required. 

Backwards (mirrored effect) selfie will not be accepted. 


I understand the idea of sending your personal details to a complete stranger is risky, similarly for me meeting a complete stranger without screening him. My years of reputation in this industry is nothing but positive and credible when it comes to confidentially of my dates. Your personal information is only for myself and it will be discarded automatically after 6 months.

I thank you for your patience in providing me the necessary  information

and I appreciate your trust in me.

Q. May I use you as my reference?


A. I am more than happy to be a reference for my date, with whom I have a few great dates and who I have seen in the last 12 months.


 Q: Are you a “Top” or a “Bottom”?

A: I am a bottom.

Q: I've never been with Trans-woman before, What are your restrictions? OR

Is there something I should know before our date?

A: My dates are more companionship oriented rather than JUST sexually oriented dates. If you are JUST looking for a Porn Star Experience, then we are not compatible. My years of experiences in the industry have allowed me to devolve and refine my skills. I am aware of your expectations, so it is recommend to trust my professional knowledge in this industry.

​We are compatible if you are someone who wants that romantic partner to explore your sensuality at a safe and a trusting space. I escort you to the diverse world of human sensuality and we explore it together depending our own boundaries. Our romantic dates will have certain amount of conditions, such as  donations, discretion, safety, personal hygiene, personal boundaries and choices. Our date will not involve any complications, drama or expectations. Just a passionate time spent together between two human beings. 


Q: I've never been with Trans-woman before, Should I be nervous?

A: I understand that sometimes It is very difficult for my date to share his fantasies and desires openly with others, specially when there is a fantasy involving trans-women. Yet it is profoundly liberating when we are not ashamed of our desires and fantasies. I am not ashamed of being a trans woman; it’s liberating.

So, I would like my date to feel confident of his own fantasies during our date. Thus, I always create a safe and trustworthy space where my date could be comfortable enough to be himself.

My only goal is that you would walk out of our date with a big smile on your face


Q: What should I do before we meet?

A: I am extremely hygiene conscious. So please arrive clean and showered with a fresh breathe.  I love and use designer perfumes, so please inform me when you book the date if you wish for me not to wear any perfume.

Q: What is your incall place like? Do you have parking spots around your place?

A: My incall place is a simple yet beautifully decorated condominium at the heart of Downtown Toronto. Two blocks away from the Financial District.

There are quite a few parking lots around the building, along with a lot of street parking available.

Q. What is your availability?


A. I am available most of the days with a 48 hours or longer advance notice.

I do have another profession, so I have a very tight schedule. All dates are booked by appointments only via my personal website. 

An relaxing Early evening dinner dates are my favorite.

Q. What is the best way to set up a date with you for first timers?

A. I find the following steps are the most smooth way for both of us to set up a date, where we are both on the same page from the beginning.

Setting up The Date with me for the first time: 

Please take a moment to check the website and the requirements for our date. 

Please gather all the required screening information.

Please Send me the introductory email with all the required information. 

I require minimum of 48hr advance notice for my first time dates.

I will assess all the information and gather the references from the mentioned providers within 48 hours. 

I would reply If and when the screening process is completed positively. 

I will confirm the day and the time of our date. 

At this point we could exchange our cell phone numbers to be more accessible prior to our date and we could even have a brief chat over the phone if you like. 

Getting ready and excited for our date.

Forget all the steps. Us being in the moment together and most importantly having fun.

Q: What will you wear for our date?

A: I have a classy yet playful style and I don't usually follow seasonal trends.  I love wearing full lingerie set on dates. Please feel free to request it and I shall do my best to accommodate you.

Q. What are your Deeper Interests?

A. I love adventures and experiencing as much as I can. Here are some of them that are close to my heart.


  • The world of Arts and creativity:

 I enjoy all artistic aspects of life such as performing arts, visual art, decorative arts and interactive media.

  • My thirst for knowledge,

       contemplation and truth.

  • Reading: Non-fiction on various subjects.

  • The art of seduction and sensuality.

  • Overall Wellness. 

  • Melodious Music.

  • Watching informative documentaries on YouTube when I am bored. 

  • Living my life wholly and letting others to do the very same. 


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